Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Blog Strikes Back!

Hey All!

Here's today's sketch!

Powerfist! - Playing with action and depth. I like where it's going so far... I think I may colour this one...

I am off to Edmonton from now until Friday, painting wall murals for the next production at Jubilations Dinner Theatre in West Edmonton Mall...

We tend to work 14 hr days to get it done in under 5 days, so I will be keeping busy this week!

I'll be doing my best to post daily sketches, but if I miss a few, I'll be back on track by the weekend!

Thanks for the support!

Return of the Blog!

Hey Everyone,

Here's another couple sketches...well, one sketch than I tweaked so much, it ended up as two!

This first one kind of looked like Zombie MJ (Long live the God of Pop!) to me... I liked it, but I wanted to go a little more sinister... I messed around till I came up with this!

The Blog Lives!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my Very First Art Blog Post!

In an effort to force myself to practice more, expand and improve my skills, network, and ideally find new and exciting commission and employment opportunities, I have decided to start this wonderful blog!

I  will be posting sketches and practice studies as often as possible (Daily as much as I can!), personal and commissioned works-in-progress, and completed works! 

In addition to my art, I will be posting links to my music, interesting articles, tutorials, videos and all that great stuff!  Pretty much anything that tickles my fancy...and hopefully your fancies will be tickled as well!

Of course, for those of you lovely enough to be reading this blog, a lot of what I will be posting  will be exclusive to my Blog, and/or released for "sneak peak" to  all my followers first! :)

That said, here is my first Daily Sketch - A random Cyborg Girlie! Started off as a facial proportion test, then I went a little crazy.  

Tell me what you think!

I am open for commissions, daily sketch suggestions, feedback, and critiques (I'm always looking to improve; don't be afraid to hurt my feelers!), so please leave a comment and tell me about your project, what you think of my work, or just to say hi!

Hope you enjoy my first Sketch, and thanks for taking the time to check me out!