Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dragon Rider - Sketch

Dear Blog,

I think I'm going to write to you more like a diary...I mean journal from now on...

Yesterday, I drew a picture of a girlie riding a feathery-dragony creature.

It's not quite finished yet, but I hope you like it so far!

I think I'm really gonna colour this one and turn it into a real nice new piece for my portfolio!

I know you are just a blog, but leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Soon I will be posting some concepts for a new comic idea I've been tossing around in my head and on paper-actual and digital...

See you soon,


Saturday, May 04, 2013

A Couple Late Night Sketches...


In an effort to keep up with posts...again... I am going to start posting more random sketches and such, regardless if they are quite "up to par"...

Here's a wee guy I sketched up last night...

 This mysterious little critter appeared before me in my yard, poking around a pile of firewood (a.k.a. old roof shingles from last fall!)... 

I saw him through my patio doors as I got up to make a Caesar for me and my Squeeze...

P.S. I make the best Caesars in the world...according to myself.

Sadly, he quickly turned into a wet garbage bag of broken asphalt shingles (also from our roof last fall-one of five layers of previous shingles!)...

MAT - Thought Bubble - "...Have another Caesar, Mat..."

...But not before I could get a rough sketch in!

Sneaky. But not sneaky enough.

I gave the sketch a quick colour pass for fun...We'll give it a break and see how we feel about going back and cleaning it all up or just moving on...

I think now that I've been spreading my blog to more people, I've been putting more pressure on myself to post something wonderful every time, which, in turn, has held me back from posting much at all, and still not being proud of what I do post...


MAT - Thought Bubble A - "I don't want everyone to think that I can't draw worth crap by posting unfinished work or mediocre sketches!"

MAT - Thought Bubble 2 - "Get the %$@#!* over it already!"


...Which, of course, creates a vacant and boring blog,

 and then no one stops by for tea and strumpets no more


Which, also of course, sucks.

*Pardon the French. 

For some reason, 

I only seem to remember the bad words...

So it may not be perfect, but here's another rough sketch, whether we like it or not!

This Sketch was another late nighter after an 
early(ish)  night mural painting in Edmonton.

Pretty rough..'specially his hand, but whatch'a gonna do?

Hmmm... Some sort of Dragon-Cat-Master-Wizard-Warrior-Monk-Shaman...Guy.

I actually really like this sketch and will probably...maybe...finish it.  I liked where he was at the time, so I gave him a little colour and here he is for now.

...So that's it for this post.  A couple rough sketches and a rant...

I'll be back with more. Thinkin' new thougthts on how to approach the ol' blog...

Lemme know what you think, and stop by again real soon y'all hear!?



Friday, May 03, 2013

Murals Galore!

Hey Again,

Thought I'd post some of the murals I've been painting recently at Celebrations and Jubilations!

I only got my new phone after changeover at Celebrations for "Johnny Be Goode", so I currently don't have photos of those walls yet, but I did take pictures of the other two changeovers!

If you're in the Winnipeg, Edmonton, or Calgary area and have some time to check out a show, or even just swing by and scope out the art and sets, you should! Always a good time!

Here are some of the pieces I painted for "My Big Fat Edmonton Wedding" at Jubilations Dinner Theatre, West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada a few weeks ago.

I actually painted the same image in Winnipeg's run of the show,
pictured here...  The Edmonton version was a little bit larger took me about half the time as the Winnipeg one.

I like them both for different reasons...

These are a couple pieces I did for the previous show in Calgary that I took pictures of before painting over them...

This one was based on the T.V. show  "N.C.I.S".

And lastly, here are some of the most recent murals I painted in the Calgary Jubilations Theatre last week for their current show "Big Boom Theory"

Don't forget to leave a comment to lemme know what you think of my work and my blog! I appreciate the feedback!

Until Next Time!