Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tweet Tweet!

Hey hey!

So apparently something's wrong with Blogspot's link page updates, to which they are "looking into a solution".  My friend Kara pointed out that I didn't have my Twitter link anywhere, but unfortunately, it won't let me update my links right now for whatever reason, stating I must "correct the errors on my form"... Hmmm...


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Faeries and Stuff!

Hey There!

Been painting up a storm (well, more mystical forest) at Celebrations Dinner Theatre these past few days for their new production...

Haven't gotten a lot of art in, but I did do a piece a few days ago for my Niece's 4th Birthday...

I was only informed of the party the day before, so I ended up being pretty pressed for time on it, but I like where it turned out all things considered...

I'm not super pleased witj how the bottom of her dress and legs ended up, and I would like to go in and polish it a little more, but I ended up having to give it to her as is, so I think I will release it into the universe and move on to more Faeries another day...

Here's another two I started last week and will likely finish this weekend...

One of Medusa...

This picture just kind of came up while I was doodling...I like the idea of a young Medusa that's been cursed, but doesn't want to be.  It becomes a very terrifying and lonely experience when every person you lay eyes upon, even fondly, is immediately turned to stone forever.  Bummer.

And this picture from my sketch book that I altered a bit and have begun colouring.

EDIT: I didn't notice till after I posted that the coloured version has a weird spot where her eyes repeat above her head. lol. ..This is due to using Photopshop's "Clone Stamp" Tool to fill in a couple patches of the background (which I will be changing anyways) after some edits.  I knew her hair was duplicated, but I wanted to give it a little more height, so I was going to work it over eventually, but I only noticed the eyes now. Weird...

Anyways... Here she is so far, regardless.

Lastly, a work-in-progress music piece I've been working on...

I wrote this years ago in MTV Music Generator 2 for Playstaion 2 and have since begun to re-write it using Cubase and Halion Symphonic Orchestra.

There are still things to tweak about the beginning, and its still needs the ending, but I like where it's going so far. I hope you like it!

I'm interested if anyone besides me is actually checking this Blog out so far... "Pageview" statistics are pretty hard to base any ideas on, so please leave a comment and if you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see in my upcoming posts, lemme know!

Thanks again.

Until next time!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Re-Connecting With My Roots


Here's a new piece I did last night.  RJ-17-Z is one of the first characters for a science-fantasy video game I have always wanted to bring to life... 

I played with a re-design here, but I think he's maybe a little too typical and a little too hard lookin', but  it's exciting to bring back some of my original concepts into the digital realm and to see how much I've improved along the way, particularly over the last few months. 

Leave a comment to lemme know what you think!

My life has been, and coninues to be taking a very postitive turn as of late, and I will likely be able to focus more on creating my art for my own reasons even more so very soon!  It will be interesting to to recreate my old visions and let them inspire all new ones.

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Next time, I will aim at posting some of my new, self-tutored figure drawing class studies!

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See ya Soon!

Monday, March 18, 2013

New and Improved Blog!


Thanks for checkin' out my New Blog Design!

I have recently added several design tweaks and pages to my Blog related to some of my ever-growing list of passions - Please give them a look-see when you've got a few moments and lemme know what you think! I will be updating these pages, as well as my Blog, as I continue to develop! 

I haven't gotten in as much art time as I'd like lately, but I have been training myself as best I can, when I can, through online articles and tutorials.

While browsing art tutorials on YouTube, I came across a few really insightful ones by Darrel Tank;  mainly revolving around portraits created using a technique called the Five Pencil Method.

With just a few short lessons, I've improved my realism and painting without line a lot more.

Here's a piece I painted in Photoshop a couple weeks ago of a beautiful Elven warrior.

I hope you like her!

I've also written a new fantasy piece!

Please Enjoy Growing!

Hope you like my new design and I hope you come back soon! 

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