Friday, October 25, 2013

Prime Concepts

Hey Hey!

Here are some concepts for a project I am working on with another gent - Chad Shelton.

The project is tentatively titled  "Prime" and is set to be a fantasy adventure of epic proportions!

The story will split among multiple paths and universes, each interweaving and connecting with each others worlds, stories and characters, some possibly crossing paths with some "familiar" looking characters of pop culture and history as well...

One of the main characters will be Atirakis - An ancient Elf-like cleric-wizard-warrior...
Here are some Concepts of him so far!


Atirakis v.s. the hordes of Chaos!

Below are some early concepts...

The Leftmost one turned out more like a "Samurai" Atirakis, which may actually be further developed. As the story spans multiple universes and "versions" of the characters, a Samurai Atirakis could be a possible character as the plot develops.

Atirakis' Staff and other weapons (depending on his particular universal persuasion)  are composed of a material known as "Godstone" - a luminous crystalline substance that contains black "veins" that grow as it's power is consumed.

There are also other types of stones inhabiting our worlds such as the Soulstone and Bloodstone, each requiring supplies of their respective titles to utilize and increase their powers...

Here are some rough concepts of such stones...

And below are some other Characters, beings, and governing powers-that-be of the multiverses, otherwise known as the "Primes"... 

The Prime Chaos
- Having taken control of a mortal's body and mind.

One of a pair of Golden Dragon Twins.

Fiona - A Phoelarch (Humanoid Phoenix) Ranger

And the lord, conciousness and creator of all that is - 


More of Prime and other projects coming soon!

Thanks for the support and as always, please leave a comment or feel free to get in touch!

Take Care till Next Time!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Big Boom Billboard!


The new Big Boom Theory II Billboard design is out!

Probably already all over the Facebook, but thought you might like a preview...

I am Leonard, the gent with the glasses on the right... This may be the only time I'll say this, but they made me look too tall! I am actually much shorter than "Sheldon" in reality, not unlike the television show... 

Going into second week of rehearsals today and so far, the show is turning out great!

And it wouldn't be the same without my extremely talented cast-mates and friends:

"Sheldon" [Right Centre] - David Finley
"Penny" [Left Centre] - Aimee Beaudoin
"Howard" [Middle Left] - Lance Cardinal
"Bernadette" [Far Left] - Mandi Maxwell
"Amy Farah Fowler" - Andrea Bailey

Look for the billboards around Winnipeg soon!

Hope to see you at the show.

Stay tuned for more art updates later this week!