Welcome to my Skills and Services Page!

 Below, you will find a summary of my experience and skills, a list of some of the talents and services I enjoy and may be able to offer to your next project, and a simple break-down of how I like to work with commissions.

Mat André


A little about Me

As an ever-curious Renaissance Spirit, I have always found myself attracted to many facets of life, particularly those revolving around the Arts, Nature, Adventure, and Entertainment...

One of my first, and perhaps deepest passions, has been the love of creating imaginative works of art...

I strive to learn, grow, and evolve to become an ever more experienced and versatile traditional and digital artist, with particular interests in fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, horror, buxom beauties, conceptual design, and comic art to name a few!

I believe that everyone can and should be and do what they truly desire and aim to instill a sense of wonder, empowerment, adventure, and emotion in the arts and entertainment I create and hope to inspire and encourage others in their own growth and pursuit of their dreams!

For the past several years, I have been working as a freelance illustrator and designer, producing a range of work including, but not limited to, video game, table-top game, card game, and role-playing game concepts, character, creature, prop and world design, video game assets and icons, comics, portraits, advertisements, website banners, band posters, t-shirts, stickers, product and company logos, and 2D animation.

I hope to continue to hone my skills and gain further experience with conceptual design, particularly for video games and film and bring some of my personal projects and IP's to life for myself and the whole world to enjoy!

In addition to my love of visual arts, I also enjoy sharing my gifts as an accomplished writer, actor, singer, and dancer. I have entertained and toured across Canada in multiple stage, television, and film productions in my twenty year history of performing, created and impersonated a multitude of original characters, Rockstars, and Pop Culture icons, crafted multitudes of costumes, and make-up designs, learned an extreme variety of entertainment and improvisational skills, and have written and co-written two full-length musical comedies - WoW's touring productions of "Oh Boy, Buddy Holly!' and "Michael Jackson is Back From the Future".

I am also a multi-instrumentalist, experienced in music production, digital composing, and sound design, combining live and digital instruments into beautiful tunes and exciting sound effects! I enjoy listening to, and producing, many genres of music, but particularly focus on Fantastical Orchestral music, Eerie Atmospheric Music, Ethnic Fusion, Funk, and Dance, with a desire to score for film and video games.

Below are some things and enjoy and if you think you'd like to collaborate on a project involving something I like to do, why not?

I am always seeking new opportunities, commissions, and interesting projects, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

Skills and Services

(Characters, Creatures, Plants, Environments
Sets,Vehicles,Weapons, Props Etc)

Comic and Graphic Novel Design

Storyboards and Sequential Art


Portraits and Caricatures

Book Covers and Illustration

Album Art

Website Banners

Tattoo Design

Icons and Assets




Gifts and Collectibles

Trading Card Game Design

Board Game Design

Role Playing Game Design



Paper Miniatures

Jewellery and Accessories

Stage and Special Effects Make-up Design
Costume and Fashion Design

Set Design


Window Painting

Graphic Design

Promotions and Advertisements

Creative Writing

Script Writing

Song Writing and Composition

Music Production, Editing, and Sound Design

Video Editing and Special Effects 

Video Game Design






Impersonations/ Impressions

Voice Acting 

Stage Fighting/Wrestling

Stage Sword Fighting




Balloon Animals


For most commissions, I tend to work in "Milestones" of Thirds (1/3's) or Halves (1/2's):

1/3 (or 1/2) of the total agreed payment is required upfront and before any initial work (Sketches, Drafts, etc.) begins.

After the first Sketch(es), Draft etc is complete, it is sent to the Commissioner for feedback and approval.

Upon approval of the first draft (and any minor revisions), the second 1/3 payment is required and must be received before work commences.

Once the work is complete, it is sent, with a copyright watermark, to the Commissioner for final feedback and approval. 

A reasonable amount of minor tweaks (2-3) is usually acceptable at this stage, but major changes may require more time and/or compensation, but will always be discussed upfront and before any final touches are made.

Once the final work(s) is approved, the remainder of the payment (1/3) must be made and received before the final, non-water-marked work is to be sent to the Commissioner.

Upon receipt of the final and total payment, the completed work(s) are transferred to the Commissioner.

In ALL cases,  all copyrights to any and all commissioned art is retained by the artist unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Exclusive and Limited rights to works may be negotiated and/or purchased separately.


I Look Forward to Hearing About Your Project!