Monday, September 23, 2013

Slingin' Along...

Hey again,

I know what you're thinking...

Your Thought Bubble - "Wait, two posts in the same week!?  Is he insane?" 

Well my friends, yes.  Yes I am.

...So here are some more card designs from our Upcoming Gansta Collectable Card Game - Slingin'!

We want to get a variety of cards from each of the deck underway so that we can have a playable demo game as quickly as possible...

NOTE: These are all still in conceptual stages and the final designs may vary...
Here are the backs of two of the decks so far...
Downtown Deck and Uptown Deck.

Not sure if I should keep the "Line" (intended to be reminiscent of a line of Cocaine...) in the front of both skylines or one in the back as in the Uptown Deck... 

What do you think?  Lemme know in the comments!

And below are their respective Front Designs...

Each card will be roughly designed as such, but the Card Name will be in a font matching the card's subject.

The small symbol of the flexing arm is the "Muscle" stat indicator, which will change depending on the cards.  There will also be stat indicators for "Smarts", "Rep", "Heat", "Lawyer Rating", "Cunning" and "Money", depending on the card.

We may go with the big "Arcade Boss" "?" for some of the demo deck, both to raise some hype and money from our future Kickstarter campaign...  

And here are a couple other card sketches...
 - One from the Action Deck -

Punk Out

(After sketching out this card, I've decided the final version will have the "Punk-er" giving more of a chest-first-open-arms "Dis" rather than the 'Ol "Flinch Fist""

Punk Out             -Play against any G who has a lower rep.  They must either pay you $1 or lose 1 rep.  If they have no money, they may choose to permanently discard one card  

Here is a Background Card Concept for

Big Paws on a Puppy

BG Cards are meant as your "Playable Character", each with a unique background, starting stats and money... Until your character gets killed, then you pick a new one from the pile... Just like real life!

I wanted to show the characters as they were when they were younger, and how their back-stories have sculpted and evolved them into the gangsters they are now...

 And lastly one from the "Downtown Deck" - 

One to the Dome

 ...And what the final card might look like...

My co-creator (Richard Hart) and I would love to hear what you think of the game so far!

Do you like the Designs? The Art? The Text? The Style? The Gameplay?

Would you or someone you know play it!?

Lemme know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Stay tuned for even more insane posts coming up soon - with more from our upcoming web series Prime (Next time!), concepts for a comic I am creating, Hi-Fi, tattoo Designs, Personal works and of course, more Slingin'!

Thanks for checkin' out my work and take care till next time!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Murals! More Murals!

Hey Hey!

Here's the completed Greg Dunstan Centurion piece I worked on here in Winnipeg...

Below are some party-goers from My Big Fat Calgary Wedding... Some new faces and some familiar ones...

 Some pieces below from Best of Friends Reunion....

In Winnipeg for this show we painted rats on the walls, as it is part of the plot that rats have taken over the restaurant... However, it was only revealed in Act II, so the Director requested that we not paint rats for the next cities, to not give away the surprise...

If you look closely, there's a rat hidden in nearly every mural we painted... Just for fun... Haha.

 (Work in Progress)                                              (Final Painting)

 ( This couch is one of my favourite paintings I've done! :) )

And finally, some of the forest we most recently painted last week in Calgary for Johnny Be Goode!

I really liked how this city's murals turned out!

(Work in Progress above)

Hope you like these murals, as it will be my last full change-over painting for a while...

BUT, you can catch me on stage in Celebrations/ Jubilations Dinner Theatres as Leonard in "The Big Boom Theory II: Time Traveling Geeks" beginning in Winnipeg, running October 18th, 2013 - January 18th, 2014!

I have also been asked by the set designers to design the wall murals for Big Boom II!!! 

Which is quite exciting!

So stay tuned for more on those designs and a lot of other updates coming for Prime, Slingin', Hi-Fi, a new Tattoo design commission, and some personal works!

Thanks for the support and don't forget to be in touch!

Take care till next time!