Friday, May 03, 2013

Murals Galore!

Hey Again,

Thought I'd post some of the murals I've been painting recently at Celebrations and Jubilations!

I only got my new phone after changeover at Celebrations for "Johnny Be Goode", so I currently don't have photos of those walls yet, but I did take pictures of the other two changeovers!

If you're in the Winnipeg, Edmonton, or Calgary area and have some time to check out a show, or even just swing by and scope out the art and sets, you should! Always a good time!

Here are some of the pieces I painted for "My Big Fat Edmonton Wedding" at Jubilations Dinner Theatre, West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada a few weeks ago.

I actually painted the same image in Winnipeg's run of the show,
pictured here...  The Edmonton version was a little bit larger took me about half the time as the Winnipeg one.

I like them both for different reasons...

These are a couple pieces I did for the previous show in Calgary that I took pictures of before painting over them...

This one was based on the T.V. show  "N.C.I.S".

And lastly, here are some of the most recent murals I painted in the Calgary Jubilations Theatre last week for their current show "Big Boom Theory"

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Until Next Time!