Sunday, September 22, 2013

Murals! More Murals!

Hey Hey!

Here's the completed Greg Dunstan Centurion piece I worked on here in Winnipeg...

Below are some party-goers from My Big Fat Calgary Wedding... Some new faces and some familiar ones...

 Some pieces below from Best of Friends Reunion....

In Winnipeg for this show we painted rats on the walls, as it is part of the plot that rats have taken over the restaurant... However, it was only revealed in Act II, so the Director requested that we not paint rats for the next cities, to not give away the surprise...

If you look closely, there's a rat hidden in nearly every mural we painted... Just for fun... Haha.

 (Work in Progress)                                              (Final Painting)

 ( This couch is one of my favourite paintings I've done! :) )

And finally, some of the forest we most recently painted last week in Calgary for Johnny Be Goode!

I really liked how this city's murals turned out!

(Work in Progress above)

Hope you like these murals, as it will be my last full change-over painting for a while...

BUT, you can catch me on stage in Celebrations/ Jubilations Dinner Theatres as Leonard in "The Big Boom Theory II: Time Traveling Geeks" beginning in Winnipeg, running October 18th, 2013 - January 18th, 2014!

I have also been asked by the set designers to design the wall murals for Big Boom II!!! 

Which is quite exciting!

So stay tuned for more on those designs and a lot of other updates coming for Prime, Slingin', Hi-Fi, a new Tattoo design commission, and some personal works!

Thanks for the support and don't forget to be in touch!

Take care till next time!