Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Big Boom Billboard!


The new Big Boom Theory II Billboard design is out!

Probably already all over the Facebook, but thought you might like a preview...

I am Leonard, the gent with the glasses on the right... This may be the only time I'll say this, but they made me look too tall! I am actually much shorter than "Sheldon" in reality, not unlike the television show... 

Going into second week of rehearsals today and so far, the show is turning out great!

And it wouldn't be the same without my extremely talented cast-mates and friends:

"Sheldon" [Right Centre] - David Finley
"Penny" [Left Centre] - Aimee Beaudoin
"Howard" [Middle Left] - Lance Cardinal
"Bernadette" [Far Left] - Mandi Maxwell
"Amy Farah Fowler" - Andrea Bailey

Look for the billboards around Winnipeg soon!

Hope to see you at the show.

Stay tuned for more art updates later this week!