Saturday, November 16, 2013

Personal sketches

Dear Blog,

Still workin' away at some commissions and home/yard renos these last few weeks...

In the meantime, thought I'd share with you some of my personal sketches from a while back.

As I often don't get quite as much time as I'd like to draw, I try to keep somewhat fresh with a few personal doodles from time to time... I often jump from subject to subject each time, either out of a direct decision for personal growth, or from the random "what-should-I-draw-now's".

Here are some of those instances:

A random sci-fi girlie.

A Medieval Knight Armour study sketch...

A really quick Skeleton sketch to test out a textured brush I made in Photoshop.  

Simple, but I like it for some reason.

And lastly a night time forest environment speedpaint... Approx. 1hr

That's it for now, but thanks for taking the time to check these out!

Keep in touch and in tune for more soon!

Cheers and Take Care 'til Next Time!