Saturday, February 15, 2014

"The Brumor King" Book Covers and More!

Hey You!

Just arrived in Edmonton last week and finally got the internet, so I thought I'd share some of the work I've been doing in the last couple months!

Most recently, I have been working on some Cover, Poster, and Map designs for a new fantasy novel being published later this month.

The book is the first release of a Saga of novels by the talented and creative mind of a good friend of mine,  Riley Martin.

The series is entitled "The Champions of Haven" and this first book is called "The Brumor King" ... as you can see by the cover design below...

Check out the back cover for a short blurb on the the story.

Here are the book covers and spine.

Below is a map of the Province of Brumor and surrounding area-just a small portion of the Land of Haven that Martin has envisioned.  I will be working with Riley on Maps for the other books and a large, full coloured map of the entire land of Haven in the future.

I was also asked to design a simple poster of just the Falcon Family crest design, so here are a few.

 The following illustration was originally intended to accompany the story - it depicts a scene near the end of the story where Sir Leo Falcon has just endured a grueling tournament, and must now face a final fight against a huge and powerful champion knight.

It was still a work in progress, but in the end, the Author couldn't use the illustration, so it is now it's just a random medieval tournament illustration!

Below are some of the random personal works I've done late last year and earlier this year in no particular order... 

The first is a concept for the intro of a graphic novel/video game story I've always had in the making in the back of my mind...

The main character, Enz, wakes up, near death, in a mysterious jungle at the base of a colossal tree and must navigate his way through the jungle... on to epic adventures!

Another couple character concepts for the story...

A character named Half, who struggles with the personalities and powers of good and evil. She begins the story  in a huge, bio-mechanical suit of terror, completely possessed by Darkness.  This is a concept of the first time her suit opens up and releases her inner body.

 A work in progress concept of another of the story's characters, Utopia, the Pirate Queen.

Here is a work-in-progress poster of a magical fairy.  I hope to start a line of posters very soon and will be selling them at a small, locally owned alternative culture shop in my neighbourhood back home in Winnipeg.

Five minute figure sketches I did up from 
A fabulous, flexible, and free figure drawing website!

And below a whole bunch of random sketches, studies, and concepts...

And finally, some portrait sketches. 

 I will be starting on a very special and personal portrait commission this week, and I wanted to warm up with some more realistic portraits.

99% of the time, I draw from imagination, but in my journey to continually improve, I found I needed to get better at realism and life drawing, so for one of the first times, the picture below was painted from online photo reference...of course couldn't leave it at just a normal pretty girl, so I threw on some quick and rough android seams and a futuristic background doodle for fun.  I may still come back and polish it up, as it is one of my favourite portrait pieces so far...

 Well, that's just some of what I've been up to along with the show 5 nights a week (Leonard in "Big Boom Theory II") and all of life's craziness.

I still have so much more to share with you, so I will be posting a whole lot more very soon!

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my work, and take care until next time!