Saturday, February 09, 2013

Just Blog On By!


Here's another couple pieces I worked on today...

One of a girlie -

Again, trying for more realism and working without lines...but it still looks pretty stylized to me... Hmm... Practice, practice...

...And a work-in-progress environment piece with some floating islands and stuff...

As I mentioned in my last post, I  have been working on some fantasy orchestral music for a trailer for an upcoming novel by Amanda Heller entitled "Walk of the Red Wolf".

It is a novel based in the distant future on what was once Earth, in the region around what used to be Ireland...

The world has been reborn as a more magical place where Werewolves and Humans now have begun to thrive again.

This musical piece is inspired by a part of the story when the main Werewolf character has a meditative and conteplative moment... His emotions build until He is overwhelmed by a enlightening epiphany that causes him to break free from the oppression and abuse of his family and society.

The story has a deep story, rich history and characters, intense emotion, a strong focus on Wolves, Celtic, and Native American influences and an adventurous, epic feel, and I have attempted to compose the music to reflect that. it!

While there are some small tweaks and some final mixing and mastering to be done, this first track is nearly complete

Please Enjoy My New Track -

 "Break the Chains That Bind"!

I haven't been composing for long, and as with most of my talents, I'm self taught and disciplined, so I'm always looking to hear feedback and critiques on my music as well as my art!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

I'm off to Calgary to paint murals for changeover again this week, but I will try to keep up with posts... 

...Maybe with some pics of the murals we're painting!