Monday, March 18, 2013

New and Improved Blog!


Thanks for checkin' out my New Blog Design!

I have recently added several design tweaks and pages to my Blog related to some of my ever-growing list of passions - Please give them a look-see when you've got a few moments and lemme know what you think! I will be updating these pages, as well as my Blog, as I continue to develop! 

I haven't gotten in as much art time as I'd like lately, but I have been training myself as best I can, when I can, through online articles and tutorials.

While browsing art tutorials on YouTube, I came across a few really insightful ones by Darrel Tank;  mainly revolving around portraits created using a technique called the Five Pencil Method.

With just a few short lessons, I've improved my realism and painting without line a lot more.

Here's a piece I painted in Photoshop a couple weeks ago of a beautiful Elven warrior.

I hope you like her!

I've also written a new fantasy piece!

Please Enjoy Growing!

Hope you like my new design and I hope you come back soon! 

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Thanks again, and Take Care!