Saturday, March 23, 2013

Re-Connecting With My Roots


Here's a new piece I did last night.  RJ-17-Z is one of the first characters for a science-fantasy video game I have always wanted to bring to life... 

I played with a re-design here, but I think he's maybe a little too typical and a little too hard lookin', but  it's exciting to bring back some of my original concepts into the digital realm and to see how much I've improved along the way, particularly over the last few months. 

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My life has been, and coninues to be taking a very postitive turn as of late, and I will likely be able to focus more on creating my art for my own reasons even more so very soon!  It will be interesting to to recreate my old visions and let them inspire all new ones.

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Next time, I will aim at posting some of my new, self-tutored figure drawing class studies!

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See ya Soon!