Sunday, June 09, 2013

Updates Galore!

Dear Blog,

Sorry I haven't written to you in a while... I haven't been ignoring you, I have been busy learning all sorts of new artsy things and painting fancy murals!

Here are some of them!

First of all, here is a new concept piece I painted this week:

This angry looking knight is a fellow named Septune, the Champion Knight of Brumor Province in the land of Haven...

I am currently working on conceptual design and illustrations for a series of publications by the talented and creative fantasy writer -not to mention a good friend of mine- Riley Martin

Here' s small excerpt from one of these stories:

      "The sound of the carriage door swinging open caused Sweather to turn in his saddle. Septune had pulled his enormous body from the carriage and was stepping down to the ground. Once he was out of the carriage he poked his head back in briefly and the sound of murmured speaking came from within. Lord Sommer’s Champion Knight turned around and swung the carriage door shut.
      The Champion Knight was enormous for a Brumor, he stood six and a half feet tall and was wide with the bulk of muscle. His chest plate had a large eagle emblazoned on the centre of it; the sign of his master, Lord Sommer, and it marked him as the Champion Knight. Septune’s helmless face was a mask of expressionlessness. His eyes appeared to have no emotion, Sweather had seen him smile only once and the smile never reached his eyes. He had a scar that something with three claws had left on his face from a far gone battle; it reached from just below his right eye to his jawline..."

Check out Riley's Blog for the full story, other fantastic tales, and for future updates!  

And be sure to share!

Next up is just a random muscle/anatomy study: 

And a personal creature concept I've been working on:

This creature was the result of not knowing what to draw and just beginning to make random scribbles until this giant weevel-tick-beetle-crustacean-peacock animal started to come to life...

~About the size of a one-car garage, the Greater Armoured Tartazan is usually quite docile, but can pose an enormous and extremely dangerous threat if provoked. 

~During the daylight, they enter a kind of temporary hibernation, burrowing their tendrills and long tongue like proboscises  into the earth, absorbing the Geo-thermal energy, water, minerals,  and nutrients from the soil.  

~Their hard exoskeletons "lock down" into a solid fortress during hibernation or as a defense mechanism, often with their colourful tail streams waving high in the air as a warning to potential threats.  

~Their tail streams, tendrills, and multiple retractable antennae are all capable of deadly, poisonous stings, and are used to sense vibrations, wind, and "taste" the environment around them, as the Tartazans' eyesight and visual ranges are very limited.

~Tartazans have been known, on occasion, to attack other creatures, penetrating their flesh with their tendrills and absorbing the proteins and fluids of it's victims until their body becomes a shriveled husk. 

These are the first round of animations I've been working on for a gaming company here in Winnipeg:

Video King makes video lottery games for various platforms.  

These animations are meant to be sort of "Bingo Dabbers" used to cover numbers in a digital bingo game.  

A wizard on the screen, casts these runic circles out of the air with magic and these float across the screen and block the player's called numbers.

It's been a great experience so far, and I am currently working on a second set of dabber animations that I will post once they are complete!

Lastly, here are some more murals from Celebrations/ Jubilations:

A bear-filled magical forest from Johnny Be Goode.

And some Rats that have invaded the dilapidated Central Pork Café since Monica and Chandler last owned it in 2005 from the new Winnipeg show Best of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion!

Thanks for all who continue to read my blog!  I will have more updates shortly and spread the love if you like it or the likes if you love it!

Take Care.