Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Works in Progress

Dear Blog,

Here is a work-in-progress commissioned illustration for the next upcoming short story to be released by fantasy writer Riley Martin!


... And the original sketch. All done digitally with Photoshop CS5.

In this tale, Leo, the knight in the foreground endures a grueling swordsmanship tournament.  Without spoiling too much, this scene is inspired by the climax of the battle, when a previous champion knight makes a last minute entrance into the circle.                                                                           

With his life and veins nearly sapped dry, will the valiant Leo be able to make a final stand and reign victorious, or will his weakened state spell his doom...!?

...Tune in to Riley's Blog to find out when the story releases later this month! ...and in the meantime, for other fantastic tales and future updates!

...Next is an armour study I painted yesterday. 

 The left is a photograph, the right is my painting. Photoshop ~ 4hrs.

  All the colours were "picked" and/or mixed by me in an effort to better understand colour and light, not taking directly from the photo.

The photo on the left, is NOT my own, and I DO NOT own the copyrights to that image. It was merely used as a reference image, with no intentions of replicating or selling the finished study.

I realize I need to crack down on using research materials and studies to better my art, and so I spent some solid time working on medieval knight's armour this week.  It's been a lot more fun than I thought, and I will defninitely be incorporating more into my future work and self-schooling.   

 Hope you like!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think, and be sure to share and come back for more soon!

Take Care!