Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Caesars Palace Roman Centurion Murals (WIP)!

Dear Blog,

Usually don't take photos of the mural work in progress that we do for Celebrations/ Jubilations Dinner theatres (Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary)...

...So here are some!

This first Roman Centurion  type fella shown here in a couple stages (painted by Yours Truly), wasn't quite finalized at the time, but I thought it may give some fun insight into the process for all those who very rarely catch a glimpse of the room between shows.

As I may have mentioned in previous posts, we use digital projectors to first place, arrange, and otherwise "block in" or outline the paintings throughout the room.  Different techniques are used depending on the art style of the particular show, but most are started with projectors and finalized without, using photo/image references (shown taped to the walls beside the murals).

This soldier was projected, blocked-in with the main solid colours, and using a light brown ("Red Brick") paint, the outline of the details and facial features are traced onto the base coats.

 It was later decided that we would paint the faces of the centurions and show girls with likenesses of our crew and staff...

So here are the middle staged of repainting his face to resemble none other than our theatre's Music Director, The Fantastic Greg Dunstan!

From this point on, several more passes were made to tighten up the painting and details, but when we finished painting, it was followed immediately by clean-up, get-the-heck-out, and enjoy beverage and Folklarama (Caribbean/African and Israel Pavilions [Both amazing!]) time, so I will be posting the final photos in the future!

Some other works-in-progress by myself, one of a Statue of Caesar overlooking the main entrance (below), and, at the time of these photos, I had painted the whole fraction of the pillar above the cupboards on the right (Bottom)! Hahah.

The red inside edge was "cut-in" by the Lovely and Multi-talented Gillian Moon, later to be filled in around the other images as the room's background, the other pillars by The Fabulous Karen Turnbull, and the large white gap in the second image was filled with a rather large centurion the following day by myself and our Set Designer, The Magical Rom Fantini...


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Thank you for all the amazing comments and feedback so far and take care till next time!